The VCW System

The VCW System

The VCW System


A ventilated curtain wall (VCW) is a facade system composed of multiple layers, in which the supporting external wall is provided with a facing that offers protection against the weather. The facing can be made from a wide variety of materials: ceramic, metal, fibre cement, composite panels, natural stone etc. The substructure attaches this facing to the solid outer wall while leaving a gap between the two.



Wind and thermal effects due to warming create a circulation of air in the ventilation space. This circulation transports away the moisture in the ventilation space caused by diffusion of water vapour or driving rain.

Separating the supporting and enclosing functions of the wall from the functions of weather protection and thermal insulation with an intermediate ventilation zone is a highly effective design in terms of physical aspects of the structure. Depending on the materials used, it can be employed in buildings of any height and any function.

Areas of use

VCW opens up many possibilities for innovative architectonic design and also provides the building with an aesthetic, structurally safe and essentially maintenance-free facade.

New buildings are fitted with exterior cladding that meets the applicable structural requirements. For buildings undergoing refurbishment or modernisation, the architectonic improvements go hand-in-hand with a significant reduction in operating and maintenance costs.

VCW fulfils all the requirements of modern facade construction – from prestigious administrative buildings and attractive production facilities to large residential houses.