Planning services

Planning services

Planning services

In the execution planning phase, we implement the technical engineering aspects of the design wishes stated by the architect or real estate developer.

This takes account of architectural and usage specifications as well as legal regulations relating to the physical aspects of the structure and its design.

We develop supporting structure solutions, which comply with the static design and physical requirements of the structure while preserving the appearance of the design concept.

Our integrated, construction solutions utilise every opportunity to optimise efficiency.

The know-how accumulated by our engineers through many years of practical experience on construction sites is also a valuable resource in planning, advising clients and developing structural building designs. They understand the damage risks, limits and characteristics of construction designs and materials.

We provide the following specific services:

  • Final architectural drawings presenting the main technical details
  • Definition of special components
  • Elevation of the facade cladding
  • Static design of the facade (facade cladding, substructure, special components)
  • Assembly plans for the substructure
  • Calculation of quantities / Production of bills of materials
Consulting services

The early stages of planning a facade construction project always give rise to a wide range of technical questions. These are key to determining the overall appearance and, above all, the cost of the project.

Construction site management

Throughout the construction project, members of our technical field service team will be available to advise you and your staff either on-site or in your offices.