Consulting services

Consulting services

Consulting services

The early stages of planning a facade construction project always give rise to a wide range of technical questions. These are key to determining the overall appearance and, above all, the cost of the project.

The weight and format of the facade cladding, the distance to the wall and the anchoring base in the outer wall of the building all require careful, expert planning.

Our staff will give you a comprehensive overview of all the facade cladding materials used for ventilated curtain walls and their manufacturers.

We will inform you about the various properties and special features of the materials. At the same time, we will provide an estimate of the costs taking into account all additional conditions such as location, building characteristics, type of fastening, thermal insulation etc.

Our architects and engineers will work with you to develop a proposal for your property. This will provide the optimum solution to meet your design, durability and cost specifications.

You will receive competent advice from us in the following areas:

  • General advice on VCW facade systems (design, advantages, areas of application, materials, calculation models etc.)
  • Inspection and drafting of main technical details
  • Preliminary static studies
  • Construction regulations
  • Detailed information regarding the physical aspects of the structure and fire prevention measures
  • Procurement
  • On request, we can also organise training courses and offer support for our partners through our broad and well-established network of contacts in the sector
Planning services

In the execution planning phase, we implement the technical engineering aspects of the design wishes stated by the architect or real estate developer.

Construction site management

Throughout the construction project, members of our technical field service team will be available to advise you and your staff either on-site or in your offices.