Facade systems


Facade systems with metal panels

Copper has been used as a cladding material in construction for centuries.

The constantly changing coloured patina is one of its most striking characteristics.

We not only supply copper panels with a natural bronze finish but also pre-weathered panels with a fully developed patina.

Copper components are supplied as fluted sheets, coffered facade elements, panels or shingles. Composite panels with a copper covering and plastic core are also available.

The following mounting possibilities are available:


Vertical aluminium substructure with L-profiles for large format fluted metal and trapezoid panels, visible by Rivets.


Horizontal Galvalume® substructure with L-profiles for vertical metal profiles, nvisible, with clips.


Vertical aluminium substructure with L- and T-profiles for horizontal panel, invisible, with screws.


Vertical substructure with L-profile, horizontal counter battens and full formwork for horizontal metal profiles, invisible, with clips.


Vertical wooden substructure with aluminium U-brackets and full formwork for small format facade panels, invisible, with clips.