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VECO-A-2000 Agraffe fastening - system for horizontal invisible facade mounting

The system is used as a horizontal mounting system for invisible facade fastenings.

VECO-A-2000 system components are made from an aluminium alloy of the type EN-AW-6063 T66 and are supplied in a variety of sizes to meet the specific static and structural requirements of the project.

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  2. VECO-AG-2010-Prof

    Horizontal support profile, VECO-AG-2010-Prof

    l = 6000 mm, system measurement 23 mm

  3. VECO-A-2000-s

    Agraffe, rigid, l = 40 mm

    Pre-punched on request

  4. VECO-A-2000-j

    Agraffe, adjustable, l = 40 mm

    Pre-punched on request

  5. VECO-A-2000-j+M

    Agraffe, adjustable + thermal expansion inhibitor, l = 40 mm

    Pre-punched on request

  6. VECO-A-2000-001

    Adjusting screw, 5 x 14 mm

  7. VECO-A-2000-002

    Self-drilling screw, 4.2 x 25 mm

  8. VECO-A-2000-003

    Foam rubber, self-adhesive


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