Two specialists - one goal: Energy-efficient facade solutions from a single source.

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The following are just some of the construction projects we have already completed:

  • Facade substructure, residential complex The Wave in Vejle, Dänemark C
  • Corner of the Nordkopf Tower building in Wolfsburg, DE C
  • Front side of the Hotel Innside by Melia in Wolfsburg, DE C
  • Close-up on a grey facade with windows, residential building in Hadermuehle C
  • Lower angle photograph of a red facade with windows and black blinds C
  • Hotel building Hotusa, Munich, DE C
  • a rectangular building with a wavy golden facade and a row of windows against a background of blue sky C
  • a rectangular building with a gilded facade and three rows of windows against a background of dark sky C
  • lower angle photograph of a residential complex with five buildings in shape of towers which have glass facades C
  • lower angle photograph of a rectangular building with a window reflecting the light C
  • Glass facade of the building of the national space centrum in Astana C
  • Hotel building with white and yellow facade and many windows C
  • Aluminium facade, educational center, Niedersachswerfen, DE C
  • Ventilated curtain wall, residential and business building, Munich, DE C
  • Student research center, Kassel, DE C
  • Colorful facade with orange, yellow, and brown claddings on a rectangular building C
  • Aluminium composit facade construction, National Archives, Magdeburg C
  • Hospital with glass facade and blue cladding in Apolda C
  • Ventilated curtain wall, secondary school, Hoyerswerda, DE C
  • Single-family house, Jena, DE C
  • Primary and secondary school with yellow and orange panelling in Taufkirchen C
  • University building with brown and orange claddings and big windows C
  • Shopping-Center with white, black, and grey facade C
  • Gunetzrhainer Junior High School, Miesbach, DE C
  • Ventilated curtain wall, company building, Zelle-Mehlis, DE C
  • Facade, modern building C
  • five storey-building with a facade different shades of green C
  • Facade, residential building C
  • Clinic building with rounded red facade C
  • University building with green facade and windows C
  • Modern facade C
  • KITA building with grey and red facade. A tree stand in the center of the picture. C
  • Building of a secondary school with a facade made of black aluminium composit and a red door C
  • Build with a grey facade with windows C
  • Photograph of the corner of a building with green and red facade C
  • Photograph of the corner of a building with a grey facade and windows C
  • Research facility KAAMA, Darmstadt, DE C
  • Facade construction, administratory offices, Munich, DE C
  • Facade substructure, businessbuilding, Münster, DE C

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