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Child(care) as investment return of capital

A tour of this kindergarten should be obligatory for every town planner and representative visiting Copenhagen. What does this have to do with “investment return of capital”? And why?

Read on to find the answer.

The award-winning company COBE Architects has designed and built a remarkable kindergarten building in Copenhagen. The planning team at COBE Architects commissioned GIP GmbH and Creaton AG to undertake the technical implementation of the bar tile facade. The kindergarten is an island of creativity and the imagination for 150 children from 0 to 6 years old.

Early childhood is an important time when functional networks are established in the brain. This Danish kindergarten is designed to promote attentiveness, awareness, memory and emotions more powerfully than conventional institutions.

Even from a distance, the children see the building envelope with its terracotta tile facade as a fairy-tale palace or knight’s castle.

This pirate island invites all the children to embark on a new adventure every day – an invitation they enthusiastically accept. The rooms are decorated in plain white and have the same vertical structure as the external bar tile facade.

They also incorporate organic shapes to give the children a feeling of open space. The simple white walls and ceilings allow them to focus more easily on the toys and other items they can play with and transform.

All of us at GIP GmbH would like to express our thanks for the opportunity to be involved in this project. Let’s invest in our children and their kindergartens because they will return our investment with interest - shining eyes and a wonderful childhood for our future vets, train drivers, pilots, astronauts, architects and truck drivers.

Project details:

Type of building:
New build
Type of project:
Educational institution
2D – curved facade made from 130,000 metres of bar tile.

Project participants:

COBE Architects
Copenhagen / Berlin
System supplier:
GIP GmbH & Creaton AG
Specialist contractor:
Kaijer & Lassen Copenhagen



Immediate contact: +49 531 209004-0